Online Etiquette

Three Smiling Students Using Computers

Online Classroom Responsibilities

Although you might be engaging online in the comfort of your own home, please remember that the Student Code of Behaviour applies the same as if you were studying on-campus. Below are some points you should bear in mind, for your own wellbeing and that of your fellow students and staff.

  • Ensure your learning environment is comfortable and free from distractions. Even though you are learning from home, you should consider it as though you are in a classroom.
  • To protect your privacy when turning your camera on, we recommend blurring your background or turning on a background theme – try to maintain good levels of lighting.
  • To minimise disturbances, inform other members of your household that you are learning. You could do this by closing the door of the room you are working in, or even placing a sign on the door.
  • Be prepared just as you would in college - have all the necessary equipment ready for learning, e.g. pen, notepad.
  • Dress appropriately as you would for college, e.g. don’t turn up in your pyjamas and make sure you are fully clothed.
  • When engaging on online learning, be respectful when the lecturer or other classmates are talking.
  • Unless you are using it to access your class, your mobile phone should be on silent and laid aside - do not private message other classmates during a lesson.
  • Act as you would in the college environment - inappropriate or offensive language or swear words are not acceptable
  • Respect the privacy of others, do not screenshot, record, take or share photos during or after a lesson.


Guidelines for Online Etiquette

When you first engage with your class online through Microsoft Teams your lecturer will outline expectations with regard to your course.

When learning online, please remember:

  • Treat everyone with respect when communicating. This includes emails, messaging, video calling on Microsoft Teams or when using social media
  • Use clear and appropriate language, no slang and abbreviations.
  • Do not share your own or other people’s private or confidential information.
  • Make sure you are engaging when learning - private chats with classmates should take place after
  • When using Chat on Teams, be aware of who is receiving your notifications.
  • Remember, normal College hours are between 8.30 and 5pm and staff may not be available outwith this time.
  • Do not share content that may be deemed inappropriate at any time.
  • Be patient and respectful when others are asking questions - some people may learn differently to you and need extra time and support.
  • If you are having difficulties understanding any course materials, please ask your lecturer


Top Tips:

Before attending an online lesson, you should:

  • Ensure your device is fully charged or have your charger to hand
  • Be on time, log in a few minutes before the lesson begins
  • If your video feed is not working or you don’t have access to a camera please inform your tutor
  • Dress appropriately for learning, as you would when attending College. For example, don’t wear pyjamas.
  • Be aware of your environment and any potential distractions e.g. pets, children, other members of your household

During an online lesson, you should:

  • Always blur your background to protect your privacy
  • Mute your microphone during lessons
  • Use the raise hand function to ask a question and remember to unmute when speaking
  • Be respectful to classmates and lecturers, don’t swear, shout and use inappropriate language
  • Refrain from smoking or vaping during a lesson
  • Do not record, take photos or screenshot during a live lesson
  • Don’t private message other classmates when the lesson is going on.