Advice, Guidance & Learner Support

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Studying at Kelvin

Studying at Glasgow Kelvin College is about you achieving your academic and personal potential.

Don’t worry too much about the barriers or challenges you may face along the way as that’s what the Advice, Guidance & Learner Support team are here to help with.

Introduction to Advice, Guidance & Learner Support

Guidance Options

Advice & Guidance

Additional support is available from our Advice & Guidance team who can offer a wide range of information on:

  • Details of college programmes, applications and pre entry guidance
  • Financial implications of being a student
  • Pastoral care and support with welfare issues
  • Ongoing support to help keep students on track, including 1:1 guidance
  • Support with the UCAS application process
  • Careers Guidance, progression, job seeking and employability support
  • Links with external agencies who may also be able to support our learners

All enquiries are dealt with confidentially and individual interviews can be arranged at any college campus.

For more information please email.

Email Advice and Guidance

Guidance Statement

Glasgow Colleges Regional Board (GCRB) is committed to offering free and impartial advice and guidance to enable you to have the best student and learning experience possible.  The role of Glasgow Colleges is to help you achieve this.

City of Glasgow, Glasgow Clyde and Glasgow Kelvin Colleges each provide impartial, ethical, learner centred advice and careers guidance services for college students and prospective learners to enable them to make informed decisions.  Each College can be contacted for advice and guidance and all enquiries are dealt with confidentially. Services are provided by professional and dedicated staff and individual guidance interviews can be arranged where required.

Learner Support

The aim of Learner Support is to provide appropriate learner centred support which will aid, develop and encourage all learners to fulfil their academic and personal potential, whilst benefiting from college life. The Learner Support team can offer a wide range of support measures and has specific resources available to assist learners with:

  • Needs Assessments for learners requiring additional support
  • Organising and implementing support for learners with disabilities, difficulties or barriers
  • Assistive technology
  • Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) applications
  • Links with external agencies who may also be able to support our learners

All enquiries are dealt with appropriately and individual interviews can be arranged at any college campus.

Email Learner Support


The college counselling service is run by qualified counsellors and a small team of trainee counsellors. Counselling is a one to one talking therapy, and your counsellor will offer you a safe, confidential space for you to explore any mental health issues that you may be currently facing. Both Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Person-Centred counselling is available.

The counselling team offer counselling sessions in-campus face-to-face as well as via video chat. Each session will last for roughly 50 minutes, you will usually meet with your counsellor weekly for up to 8 sessions.

To refer yourself for counselling please email us at:

Email Counselling

or if you prefer please ask a lecturer to refer you on your behalf.

Please be aware that we sometimes operate a waiting list and referrals will not be seen immediately.

Wellbeing support is available to help you with any issues you may be having with your mental health, thoughts and feelings, managing emotions and any others. These can include issues with college or within your personal life. The types of support offered will depend on your need and may include: a confidential chat and listening ear, tailored tips for increasing your wellbeing and/or signposting to external support services/resources to help you. Support will be provided one on one or within group sessions. You can let us know which type of support would suit you and please get in touch with any queries.

You can refer yourself to the college wellbeing officer by emailing:

Email Wellbeing

Care Experienced

Glasgow Kelvin College is committed to supporting learners who are Care Experienced.

We work with Action for Children who offer tailored one to one support to care experienced students in each of the Glasgow Kelvin College campuses. The Action for Children STAY worker can provide support in many areas, including, assisting with any barriers to engagement, budgeting support, advice with time management issues and support with mental health. In addition, the STAY worker can help learners with ongoing issues out with college such as housing, employment, homelessness, family disputes and liaising with other professionals.

We want to make sure that learners feel supported and stay engaged with their college course. Finally, any learners who are at risk of dropping out of college will receive help to progress into a positive destination, whether that be employment or further study.

Please email and the STAY worker will get in touch:

Email STAY Worker

Glasgow Kelvin College is also committed to supporting learners who are carers, for example, if you are caring for an unwell or disabled relative. We understand that this may have an impact on your studies, for example, you may struggle to be on time for classes at times. If you require support please contact the above email address.

Carers Trust Scotland defines a Carer as follows:
Anyone who cares, unpaid, for a family member or friend who due to illness, disability, frailty, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support.