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I Have Enrolled

Personal Details

It is vital that you keep your personal details up to date eg. address. You can do this by emailing the Student Records Department at srstaff@glasgowkelvin.ac.uk, by completing a Change of Details form, which can be found at any College reception desk, or completing the form on MyKelvin under Student Information Services.


Certificates will be issued at the end of your course, normally in late July or early August.

Please note that no certificates are issued for the 1st year of a multiple year programme. A final certificate is issued once the course is complete.  Students undertaking an NQ programme will receive a certificate that lists the subjects they have achieved.

An HND Student who decides not to return after their first year, can request an HNC award. This should be requested before you leave in June and the request should come via your course tutor. Please be aware there is a £35.00 charge for this amendment.

If you do not receive your certificate by late August or there is something missing from your certificate, please contact the Student Records Department via email srstaff@glasgowkelvin.ac.uk


In most cases your timetable can be obtained via the Mykelvin app.

Details on how to download the Mykelvin app can be found on the “What Next” tile.

Funding Information

For details on different funding options and how to apply, visit our Student Funding & Fees page

Student Association

For information on our Student Association, please visit the Student Association page on our website.