MADE with MTA: A Dynamic Partnership


MADE with MTA: A Dynamic Partnership to Revolutionise Barbering Education in Scotland

MADE Barbering Academy and MTA Education proudly announce their ground-breaking collaboration aimed at redefining barbering education in Scotland. This visionary partnership harnesses the collective expertise of both organizations to provide students with an industry-inspired barbering training experience.

Under the banner of "MADE with MTA," this partnership unites the rich legacy of Glasgow Kelvin College's educational excellence, embodied by MADE Barbering Academy, with the cutting-edge approach of MTA Education. Together, they present a holistic learning journey that equips students with the skills and knowledge to excel in the ever-evolving barbering industry.

The core of this collaboration is a comprehensive curriculum that incorporates the finest techniques, resources, City & Guilds Qualifications, and invaluable industry insights. Students will embark on a transformative educational journey that covers foundational essentials and advances into mastering barbering techniques. They will also develop a profound commercial understanding, enabling them to build a thriving client base and establish successful careers as barbers.

MADE with MTA represents a significant leap forward for barbering education in Scotland," said Adam Sloan, CEO Men’s Hairdressing Federation, expressing his enthusiasm for the partnership.

"This collaboration is an amazing opportunity for students, setting new standards for excellence and ensuring they receive top-tier training that will empower them to thrive in the industry."

Simon Shaw, Global Artistic Director Wahl UK, who is familiar with both organisations, emphasised the importance of this partnership, stating,

"I have full confidence MADE and MTA combined efforts will undoubtedly deliver outstanding training experiences for students and drive excellence in the barbering industry. I encourage barbers and barbershop owners to embrace this transformative initiative wholeheartedly.”

MADE Barbering Academy and MTA Education are excited about this trailblazing initiative, marking a new era in barbering education. By uniting their strengths, they are poised to set new benchmarks for excellence, innovation, and industry relevance.

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Calling all barber employers' and influencing industry barbers to join us in shaping the future of barbering

As a partnership committed to excellence in barbering education, MADE Barbering Academy and MTA Education are eager to collaborate with barber employers' and influencing industry barbers. Together, we aim to enhance the barbering industry by creating an employer group dedicated to the growth and development of future barbers. To become a part of this inspiring movement. Contact Tracy Leavy at

Your participation can help pave the way for a brighter and more innovative future for the barbering industry in Scotland and beyond.