Our Legacy Colleges

Springburn Campus Main Entrance

Glasgow Kelvin College was  formed through the amalgamation of three established Further Education institutions: Stow College, North Glasgow College, and John Wheatley College.

Each of these legacy colleges brought with them a rich history of academic excellence and community engagement, creating a robust foundation for Glasgow Kelvin College.

Stow College, renowned for its engineering prowess, expanded its horizons and left a lasting impact with its in-house record label, Electric Honey.  North Glasgow College contributed its commitment to vocational training and community development and was a beacon for regeneration, while John Wheatley College emphasised accessibility and lifelong learning in a pioneering community environment. Together, they have shaped Glasgow Kelvin College into a modern, forward-thinking establishment that honours its past while forging a dynamic path into the future.

With a wide array of courses and a dedication to student success, Glasgow Kelvin College is not just an institution; it's a legacy of learning and opportunity.

North Glasgow College: A Beacon of Education and Regeneration

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