Complaints and Commendations

Glasgow Kelvin College takes all commendations and complaints seriously.

  1. Commendations confirm the achievement of high standards, which we aim to provide; and
  2. Complaints are an extremely useful form of feedback allowing us to ensure that we continue to improve our service.

With all complaints received, the College attempts to learn from where complaints have arisen to prevent any further concerns. The Director of Estates and Corporate Services reports on the complaints received quarterly, to the College Senior Curriculum Manager Quality Forum.  The College Senior Management Team have an active interest in complaints and use complaints data and analysis to improve College services.

The Complaints Team publishes an annual report, when approved by the Board of Management which:

  • explains the complaints monitor;
  • provides a summary of complaints for the academic year; and
  • demonstrates our compliance with the Scottish Public Service Ombudsman


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Commendations Process

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Complaints Form

Enter your full name
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Please provide a detailed account of the circumstances surrounding your complaint supplying appropriate evidence, if available. Please ensure your complaint relates to the category selected above. If limited details are provided, the Complaints Team may contact you for further information, before being able to action your complaint.
If you have any evidence to support your complaint you can upload it here Only JPGs and PDFs are accepted
Please tell us the outcome you expect from raising this complaint.


You can download a paper version HERE

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